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Robert Kellogg’s 3D Printed Sunquest Sundial 2017

In 2017 Robert Kellogg configured the Sunquest Sundial design into a modern 3D printed replica, which is offered for sale as a fundraiser for the North American Sundial Society. This Schmoyer Sunquest is a 3D‐ printed 1/3‐scale plastic version (5½” diam.) of Schmoyer’s original design.  It comes as a kit that is easily assembled and adjusted

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Precision Sundials Castings and finished sundials for sale

Precision Sundials, located in Burlington, VT, offers aluminum and bronze sundial castings made from the original wooden casting molds designed by Richard L. Schmoyer, as well as finished sundials.  Price points vary depending upon the materials that are used. Note from the webmaster:  Precision Sundials is not affiliated with this website.  However, I have

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Determine Your Latitude and Longitude

The coordinates of your latitude and longitude are easily determined by consulting a globe or topographic maps.  Many online mapping systems and cellphone apps today will also enable you to easily the exact coordinates of the sundial’s location. Google Maps Type the address in the search field. Zoom in to get a more detailed view

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