ALCOA Aluminum 1964 News Letter

Aluminum Company of America, 1964.  ALCOA Aluminum News-Letter.  August issue: cover, page 3.

alcoa-aluminum-newsletter001 “To mark a precious moment, a place or a memory…the exquisite Sunquest Sundial serves with beauty and charm.  It forms a classic garden sculpture and keeps accurate time with the sun.

alcoa-aluminum-newsletter002Fashioned from high-quality aluminum casting, sheet and fastener products, the sundial forms a unity of function and design.  The metal, enriched by a clear anodized finish, endures the time it measures, remaining impervious to sun and rain.

The sundial measures 15 x 15 in. and 18 in. high, ideal dimensions for enhancing the beauty of patio, entryway or lawn settings – and for museum, planetarium and other institutional uses…”

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